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It’s gratifying to know that you are listening all over the world–in Japan, Switzerland,Canada, the UK, France, Taiwan, China, Italy, the Philippines, Denmark, Brazil, Hungary, and India.  And in the USA, in Illinois, New York, California, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Nebraska, District of Columbia, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, Kansas, Utah, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Alabama.

I hope you may be moved  to write your responses–our ability to connect with each other is especially comforting at this dangerous time in our world.  What connects us is greater, one has to hope, than what separates us — our shared human experiences with the emotions of love, grief, loss; our gratitude for friendship, and our hopes for our children and our families. Our en-couragement of one another.



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